A change of plan

23 Apr 2020 | Life!

Lift off, change of plan, and making cakes in my wellies…

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and hello from isolation in the Kent countryside. I hope whilst reading this you are safe and well. I never would have thought in my lifetime I’d wake up every morning asking my self if I feel normal or symptomatic, I just took waking up and getting out of bed for granted.

However this is the life we are currently all living, but with thanks to modern technology we can still communicate with our loved ones and have the time to learn new skills online…like making cakes!


Original Plan

I started creating for this online school in the autumn, I had always planned to launch at the end of summer 2020 to give me a chance to create lots of content of all shapes and sizes. Don’t worry though, content is being created all the time and I will keep adding, do please let me know if you want anything specific filming, anything from baking techniques, to jungle animals to cars to popular themes.


New Plan

Due to the coronavirus basically shutting down my other business and ceasing all income, and the fact that everyone is at home – a perfect excuse to learn a new online skill, I decided to launch early. So, we have lift off! Welcome aboard on this sugary cake journey with me, and thank you for joining me.

If you have signed up within the first month of launch you will see that you have access to the Garden Rose tutorial, I do hope you enjoy it, be sure to save it to your dashboard so when you login it will be always there for you to view as many times as you like. Any tutorials you purchase will also be on your dashboard which you will have lifetime access to.


wellington boots


A confession!

During lock down its been a strange time and whilst I have been busy filming tutorials I have also being trying to get out in the garden, its great for my mental health, however juggling the two has meant there has been many occasion where I have wanted to finish filming a scene and then continue planting out. So whist you see me on the video with my hair and makeup done and my apron on, below the work surface there have been occasions where I am in old grubby shorts and wellies! I don’t think I’m the only one though, I think a lot of people who are on zoom meetings have a shirt and tie on their top half and pyjamas and novelty slippers on their bottoms halves!


What about you?

How have you been coping with juggling all these different roles from one place? I’d love to hear from you. Get social by tagging me in or using the hashtag #csqsoc its a lot quicker than typing in clairestquintonsschoolofcake!

Happy Cake Making

Claire x


  1. Elizabeth Fawcett

    Good luck Claire – it looks great!

    • Claire

      Thank you so much ☺️ xx

  2. Carly

    Site looks amazing…..so pleased for you. I am all for more of your lessons whether it is in person or online. You do such amazing novelty cakes and I’m always looking for inspiration for kids birthday cakes. Your patience really knows no limits. Take care with the gardening….you know we are both too clumsy xxx

    • Claire

      Thank you Carly! I’m definitely going to add some novelty cakes on there, I think the first one will be a Noah’s arc xx

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